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Join the Memory Collective

Since its inception, the Chicana por mi Raza Project has relied on the collective efforts of a group of researchers and teachers who are committed to unearthing the lessons of Chicana feminist praxis. The Chicana por mi Raza Digital Memory Collective takes inspiration from the Chicana praxis it documents, re-envisioning the ARCHIVE as site of encuentro and exchange in which new “constituencies of resistance” (in Chela Sandoval’s words) are created and nurtured.

Scholars, teachers and community members who wish to use the materials we have collected, are asked to commit to the project’s goals by joining the CPMR collective, and contributing to its continued survival and growth. Users may propose research projects and ways to improve the collection and its public website. Whether this work involves developing a class to collect oral histories, incorporating CPMR materials into lesson plans and class assignments, producing a “biocuration” or a short essay for our website, adding key descriptive information to a document in our repository, or simply correcting tags and other metadata—users of the archive are reminded that they are not mining a repository, but rather joining a network structured by the exchange of knowledge and conocimiento.

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