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Student Curated Biographies

CPMR relies on the brilliance and motivation of many dedicated undergraduate students to preserve, identify, and create new content related to our holdings. These biographies reflect over 5 years' work by students whom have participated via classes, independent studies, and research seminars. Students are entirely responsible for the creation of these biographies and each biography is an ever-expanding, previously unavailable record of knowledge. Please contact us at with any concerns or updates to the information displayed here.

Cecilia Burciaga "There is history, it didn’t just appear when you appeared. But maybe that’s what my generation is about, we are the reganionas."

Cecilia has a BA in Teaching Credential from California State University – Fullerton and a Master’s Degree in Policy Studies in Higher Education from the University of California – Riverside. Some doctoral course work was complelted at the University of La Verne.

After moving to Washington, D.C., in year, Cecilia became a Foreign Service Intern for the U.S. Information Agency and a Program Officer for the Interagency Committee on Mexican-American Affairs. She also worked a Commissioner for the US Commission On Civil Rights, and as a teacher in the Chino School District.

Carmen Tafolla “The arts were crucial. They woke us up and they spoke to our hearts and they’re the true revolution.”

Carmen Tafolla was born in San Antonio, Texas on July 29, 1951 to a family with a history in San Antonio going back to the early eighteenth century. A resident of the West Side Barrio of the city, Carmen had a happy childhood immersed in Mexican American culture but was also keenly aware of the discrimination and injustice that those in her neighborhood faced. As part of a long history of neglect by the city, her neighborhood had a severe lack of books and literature, and Carmen was extremely eager to get her hands on anything and everything that she could read.

Maria Anita Guadiana "Nobody knew that there was any difference among each other. We all lived in the same neighborhood, we all lived at the same level of poverty."

Currently a social worker in the Cesar Chavez Academy High School in Detroit, Michigan, Maria Anita Guadiana’s involvement with activism and social justice started young with the help of her father, Jose Guadiana. Born in May 8th, 1948, she was the only daughter to Jose Guadiana and Maria Guadiana who had four boys before Guadiana was born.