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Student Curated Biographies

CPMR relies on the brilliance and motivation of many dedicated undergraduate students to preserve, identify, and create new content related to our holdings. These biographies reflect over 5 years' work by students whom have participated via classes, independent studies, and research seminars. Students are entirely responsible for the creation of these biographies and each biography is an ever-expanding, previously unavailable record of knowledge. Please contact us at with any concerns or updates to the information displayed here.

Anna Nieto Gomez "Where it is hostile there's always a little self-hate...always...because you're just projecting out. So, I guess that is the healing part."

Anna NietoGomez was born on March 30, 1946 and was raised on the west side of San Bernadino County, California. NietoGomez recalls that growing up in a segregated community made her aware of racism from an early age. She also recounts growing up in a home where power dynamics between her mother and father were more pragmatic and egalitarian. It was these early insights and environments that would propel NietoGomez into a powerful journey of activism and revolutionary scholarly work.

Martha Cotera "My upbringing had a strong dose of progressive politics."

Martha Cotera was born in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1938. Cotera describes her upbringing as having a strong dose of progressive politics as a result of her grandparents’ interest in Mexican politics. In 1946, Cotera and her mother immigrated to El Paso, Texas. Cotera was reluctant to move and encountered racist policies in both elementary school and high school while in Texas. Despite these challenges, she describes herself as a “total overachiever” in high school as she was a member of the Writing club, English club, and editor of the school newspaper.

Barbara Carrasco "I learned at that early age that the word 'no,' or rejection, you can really turn it around if you're determined to get some place."

Barbara Carrasco holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in art from the University of California, Los Angeles and a Master’s of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts. She has been a muralist and artist in various media since her childhood.