New additions to the CPMR Website | Chicana por mi Raza

New additions to the CPMR Website

"Razartes" March 1978, Schedule

Scan of "Razartes" March 1978, Schedule on inside of trifold pamphlet unfolded

Martha Cotera Accepts Position with Juarez-Lincoln Library in Austin

Martha Cotera writes to Leonard Mestas and Andre Guerrero accepting position as Information Director with the Migrant Clearinghouse and Information Center at Juarez-Lincoln Center

Letter Asking for Martha Cotera for Project on Outstanding Mexican American Women

Olga De Leon writes to Martha notifying her that she shall be represented in UT Austin's project for Outstanding Mexican American Women, requesting data

Ana Luisa Cardona CV second version

The second version in the binder of Ana Luisa Cardona's CV.

Arellanes and All Brown Beret Women Resignation Letter

Letter of Resignation from the Brown Beret Female Segment to the minister of the Brown Beret Organizaton

Article about Hispanic Feminist Conference, English

Newspaper article, written in English, about the victory of the Hispanic Feminist Conference. Written by Sara Marsh.

Caracol October Newspaper

Cover of the October edition of Caracol Magazine

La Raza Unida Booklet

Partial booklet concentrating on the purpose of RUP MI. Leading women are in committee positions.

Mujeres Por La Raza Agenda

Agenda for Mujeres Por la Raza for a meeting in Austin in 1974.

Newsletter to Texas Raza Unida

Newsletter containing information for the Texas Raza Unida Party members.

Mujeres Pro-Raza Unida, Texas Statewide Conference Resolutions

Notes from Mujeres Pro-Raza Unida who attended the Texas statewide conference, including a Texas Ranger Resolution.

Noches Despertando Poetry Book

Book of poetry entitled Noches Despertando en Conciencias. Poems written in Spanish.