New additions to the CPMR Website | Chicana por mi Raza

New additions to the CPMR Website

La Raza Unida Booklet

Partial booklet concentrating on the purpose of RUP MI. Leading women are in committee positions.

Mujeres Por La Raza Agenda

Agenda for Mujeres Por la Raza for a meeting in Austin in 1974.

Newsletter to Texas Raza Unida

Newsletter containing information for the Texas Raza Unida Party members.

Mujeres Pro-Raza Unida, Texas Statewide Conference Resolutions

Notes from Mujeres Pro-Raza Unida who attended the Texas statewide conference, including a Texas Ranger Resolution.

Noches Despertando Poetry Book

Book of poetry entitled Noches Despertando en Conciencias. Poems written in Spanish.

Poetry Reading Invitation

An invitation to a poetry reading to celebrate the first edition of "Curandera".

Proposal for Participation of Unorganized Women IWY

Proposal for the participation of of a major portion of Texas' population of women, unorganized women, including homemakers, rural women, older women, and younger women. Six pages.

Political Education Committee Letter to Martha and Juan

Letter to Marta and Juan Cotera asking them to co-chair the Political Education Committee for the Raza Unida Party. Written by Mario Compean.

Raza Art and Media Collective Journal Volume 1, Number 2

Contains the second edition of the Raza Art and Media Collective Journal. Pages 1-6.

Raza Unida Calendar of Events

Raza Unida Party calendar of upcoming events for the end of March and beginning of April.

Regeneracion, Vol. 2, No. 3, with Martha Cotera Notes

Photocopy of Regeneracion literary journal and magazine from Martha Cotera's files. Photocopy includes a data sheet on Francisco Flores for Cotera's bio-bibliographic database on Hispanic Women.

Texas Girl Scout Council requests materials for young Chicanas

Tejas Girl Scout Council and their pilot program for young Chicanas, 'Yo Soy'