New additions to the CPMR Website | Chicana por mi Raza

New additions to the CPMR Website

Chicana Welfare Rights Group on TV 4 Photograph

A clipping from the East L.A. Tribune spotlighting an episode of KNBC's public affairs program, Impacto with Manuel Aragon, that features members of the Chicana Welfare Rights Organization, including Alicia Escalante.

Alicia Escalante Business Card

A business card for Alicia Escalante. Words under her name have been crossed off, but it provides an address and phone number. Next to her name is an illustration and the words La Causa De Los Pobres.

Denver Post "Chicanos Plan National Drive"

An article from the Denver Post about the third National Chicano Conference, its goals, workshops, and notable persons in attendance including Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales and Alicia Escalante.

Group Photo in India, Nutrition Seminar and Study Tour

Group photo of the women on the Nutrition Seminar and Study Tour around the world in front of the Taj Mahal. Alicia Escalante is included in this picture, second to the left, front row.

Los angeles Times "County Welfare Chief Accused of Being Insensitive to Latins"

Newspaper article about Alicia Escalante leading a protest against insensitive County Welfare Director.

Poor People's Campaign Brochure

The inside of of a brochure for the poor peoples campaign, a campaign involving a march to Washington, that Alicia attended, and non-violent demonstrations to bring attention to poverty and the rights of the poor.

La Causa de los Pobres "Growing Communications Welfare Gap"

An edition of La Causa de los Pobres, a newspaper dedicated to all Chicano Welfare Rights Oranizations and created to provide readers information about welfare rights, in which an article by Ruben Salazar called, "Growing Communications Welfare Gap," is featured. Alicia Escalante is featured in the article as the Chairman of the East Los Angeles Welfare Rights Organization.

Alicia Escalante Personal Statement

Alicia Escalante tells her story of being a single mother on welfare and the humiliation and inequality she experienced. She writes about how she joined protests and got involved with activism.

CWRO Float in Denver Crusade for Justice Parade

Photo of the Chicana Welfare Rights Organization float in the Denver Crusade for Justice, a Chicano civil rights organization, parade in front of the Denver post office.

La Raza "Around the World to Expose Hunger in the U.S.A."

Alicia Escalante's personal testimony about her round-the-world tour in order to explore hunger both abroad and in the United States.

Arellanes Brown Beret March in East LA Photograph

Protestors walking in the streets of East LA

Arellanes ID Button

Photo Button of Gloria Arellanes