New additions to the CPMR Website | Chicana por mi Raza

New additions to the CPMR Website

Puerto Rican gang members and graffiti

Black and white photograph of three puerto rican gang members in front of a wall of graffiti.

Dolores Huerta raising fist at UFW Rally

Dolores Huerta raising fist at UFW Rally, Chicago; The UFW Illinois Boycott was part of a nationwide series of boycotts that the United Farm Workers of America (UFW) spearheaded during the mid 1960s and 1970s. These boycotts alerted the national consumer of the grape and lettuce strikes that had erupted in California and other states.

Color photo of woman exiting pulqueria as people walk by

Photo of pulqueria shows that there are seperate entrances for men and women.

Photo Album from Vietnam (inside cover)

Inside cover of deluxe blue instamatic photo album

Man standing in front of TFWU Banner - Peregrinacion from San Juan to Austin

Image of farmworker smiling and standing next to UFS flags atop a pile of wood in a field somewhere in Texas, 1977 - Peregrinacion from San Juan to Austin?

Graffiti on empty building decrying landowners

Graffiti on empty building decrying landowners

Tabling for an Organization, 1976, Image III

Anna Nieto Gomez, Rosa Maria Marquez, and Corinne Sanchez tabling as the support committee for Encuentro Feminil
Barbara Carrasco Wedding Photograph

Barbara Carrasco Wedding Photograph

Black-and-white wedding portrait of Barbara Carrasco and fellow artist Henry Gamboa, Jr., married on 3/16/93

Angela Reyes with daughter Anita Zavala

Angela Reyes carrying her infant daughter Anita Zavala.

National Council of La Raza Certificate of Affiliation with DHDC 2006

The National Council of La Raza presented Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation-a non profit organization founded by Angela Reyes,CEO-with a certificate of affiliation for the organization's commitment to the empowerment of the Hispanic community of Southwest Detroit.

Matrix Theater Company 10th Anniversary "We Wouldn't Be Here Without You" Award 2001

Angela Reyes received this award for her contributions to the Matrix Theater Company, a community organization in Southwest Detroit that uses Theater to foster community and social justice for the youth.

Detroit Board of Education Community Service Award 1993

Angela Reyes was awarded the Community Service Award from the Detroit City Board of Education for her commitment to gang violence prevention.